Tackling Environmental Problems III

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These competencies are explicitly fostered and described in Competence View.
These competencies are fostered in this course but are not explicitly described in Competence View. Please contact the responsible person for further information. Competencies in grey are fostered in this course but are generally not the focus of Competence View, which focusses on cross-disciplinary competencies.

In Tackling Environmental Problems I & II, students analyze an environmental topic, identify a specific problem within it, develop measures to address the problem and test the measures for feasibility by presenting them to concerned stakeholders. Some of the students develop their measures to such a degree, that the measures could actually be implemented. Tackling Environmental Problems III provides the opportunity to do so. Together with partners from civil society, the private and the public sector, students agree on the implementation plan, the financial and legal aspects and put the measure into practice.

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