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Who is behind Competence View

Julia Kehl Project Lead, Innovationsmanagement LET Email
Dr. Philip Barth Content development, Faculty Development LET Email
Dr. Barbara La Cara ETH Talent Project Leader, Rector's staff Email

About the Competence Framework

The ETH Competence Framework is a compilation of the competencies that ETH Zurich aims to foster. This compilation was derived from a review of literature and competence frameworks and from interviews with Swiss employers from different economic sectors as well as with educational and career experts. The framework consists of twenty competencies, which were grouped into four domains, representing distinct areas of application.

These domains include:

  • Subject-specific Competencies (knowledge of theories, concepts, and techniques and its application tospecific fields);
  • Method-specific Competencies (knowledge and application of methods to make sense of, and operate in, any context);
  • Social Competencies (competencies applied in the interaction with others);
  • Personal Competencies (competencies concerning self-management in the context of own work).

The framework describes the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with each competency. The goal is to promote a common language about competencies among instructors, students, and future employers. The Competence Framework is for guiding and inspiring the personal and professional development of students and the work of teaching staff members at ETH Zurich. Explore the Competence Framework on our websites!

Our Competence Framework in Competence View

With the goal to inspire and connect teaching staff regarding the fostering of social and personal competencies, the administrative department Educational Development and Technology developed Competence View in collaboration with the ETH Talent Team and the Network of Educational Developers.

Competence View is a collection of courses taught at ETH Zurich with a focus on social and personal competencies. While subject- and method-specific competencies are generally easy to detect in the courses, it comes harder to grasp how social and personal competencies are fostered. Therefore, for each example, we indicated the primary and secondary social and personal competencies promoted by the instructor. In the course pages, you can find insights into the implementation of the courses from the direct experience of ETH instructors.

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